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Nearly September....HBH Horse update

- 30 August 2022

Time is flying by !  Its nearly one whole year since my accident and thankfully things are still moving in the right direction.

HBH Precious did her first dressage test with me this past weekend and we did a very good test (if I say so myself) coming home with a win on 72.2%   Anyone that knows the injuries will know what an achievement actually training for and managing a test has been ; and Precious seemed to enjoy it which is fab.  The training plan continues...

HBH Woody continues to amaze me being in light work still at the grand old age of 28, nearly 29 and he is such a joy to own and have as part of the family.  HBH Daisy is aiming at the online dressage, I'm behind progress as usual with this one, we have had many ups and downs but shes happy in her work & a delight to be around.  HBH Star continues in her own little Star planet of wandering, eating, wondering what day it is etc etc but is happy in her own world & thats all that matters.

Hire Charge Changes

- 11 May 2022

To avoid confusion with other companies, and to keep it straightforward for me, my hire system has always worked on one price per bit (regardless of rrp). From 1st June 2022, the hire charge will increase to £19.50 per bit so any hires taken out from (and including) 1st of June will be at the new price.