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Still recovering.......

- 09 May 2023

Yes, its taking ages, but I am still in the process of (hopefully) recovering from my accident back in September 2021; as a friend pointed out, thats why our organs are called "vital", as we kind of hugely need them.

Horse News:  HBH Precious is doing well on her ongoing diet, hacking out nicely, occasionally with friends and enjoying lessons a few times a month.  HBH Daisy is enjoying lessons and will soon be going on the roads at the grand age of 17 (!)......better late than never.....   HBH Woody is enjoying life and goes for the odd hack when he feels like it :-)  HBH Star is doing pretty much what she wants; some things never change, although she has added in hand pole work to her regime to help with the legs.

The three family pooches are doing well and walking them is playing a great healing role for both my body and mind. 

I am doing what I can business wise which isn't anywhere near what I could do previously, but the knowledge is still in the brain so not all hope is lost :-)  No trade shows for me this year, website orders are my favourite but I am contactable by text to book telephone advice appointments when needed and I am seeing approximately one horse a week now... long gone are the days of 12 a day (!)

Looking forwards to a happy healthy healing summer.