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Take a look at what our customers are saying about Horse Bit Hire

" Thank you for all your advice with sorting out a Weymouth and Bridoon for Hari. He has not been the easiest to bit in the past as he is extremely sensitive in the mouth and we were dreading putting him into a double bridle. The Mors / Turtle combination has worked well so far and amazingly he accepted it straight away. We will certainly be using your hire service again and I have already recommend you to friends. The bits were delivered within 48 hrs of the order being placed and the necessity of having to return the first set for a slightly larger set couldn't have been easier. Highly recommend you and your company. " Teresa, Warwickshire
" Molly came along to help fill the hole left by the loss of a beautiful 24 year old pony I bred myself.  After years of having and working with horses, I was unable to find a bit that suited her, from my fairly large collection, as she tossed her head in a dangerous manner in all I tried.  Hiring seemed a good idea, and so did asking the advice of Gail, and now, I have a wonderful, if feisty pony, that loves her Neue Schule Tranz Beval bit for everyday and the Neue Schule Tranz Universal for jumping and endurance rides that incorporate lots of fields! Without Gail's advice I would probably still be going through the entire collection of bits available for hire!  Thank you Gail. " Erica, East Sussex
" Gail is always contactable, extremely knowledgeable and supplies bits for the next day.  I have hired and purchased a number of bits from Gail with resultant comfort and performance improvements for both me and my horses. " Angela, Shropshire
" I just want to say a huge thank you for your help & complete understanding in finding the perfect bit for my 5 year old Friesian mare. The Neue Schule Waterford has made a real difference & together with training she is now giving & flexing in the arena much better & out hacking she is much better on the breaks. She is starting to listen more & become lighter on the mouth rather than the locking up & full resistance we had in her old bit. Your advice, patience & prompt postal was fantastic & very much appreciated. I would definitely recommend to friends. Wish I’d found you sooner without struggling on! " Claire, York
" I received the verbindend bit that you advised me on last Thursday , I schooled in it Thursday & hacked in it Friday . Saturday was BE 90, I was really happy with the bit on the previous two days so decided to dressage in it , we did a 27.5 dressage his best score to date !! Im over the moon with the feel I had from him , we came 10th overall in our section and I am so chuffed :) I just wanted to thank you for all your advise &i will be recommending you to my friends " Jane, Essex
" You helped with my horse and we have a new pony so we are coming back to you as you provide such a fantastic service " Jane, Northumberland
" Thank you so much for helping me find something that fits right and works well - I will be recommending you to all of my horsy friends - fantastic advice and service! " Lynne, Hornsea
" Been to an event this weekend and thought I would let you know that the bit you recommended was just the job - the horse loves it. " Martin, Southampton
" ...honestly Gail you really do provide excellent advice and a fantastic service - thank you! " Olivia, Berkshire
" I shall place an order today, and will keep you informed on how we get on. I shall also be passing on to others what a positive experience dealing with you has been. " Pete, Oreton


Myler Bitting Advisor Neue Schule Bitting Advisor of the Year 2014