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Covid-19 Update for HBH

Gail Johnson- 13 May 2020
Apparently we are supposed to be getting back to work if we can.

Here at HBH I have continued with the advice line and the mail order service throughout this unusual time.  The shows are all cancelled and consultations have ceased.

I am going to be keeping a close eye on things over these coming weeks as to what to do regarding consultations as social distancing and hygiene must be adhered to so there will be just a few changes to make (not to hygiene obviously as I was always very strict with that anyway). 

If you are wanting to book a consultation, please get in touch via email: and each case can be assessed on its own individual circumstances.

The virus is still very much present and I do not want to be catching it, spreading it or bringing it home to my loved ones.

Back from Retirement !

Gail Johnson- 27 April 2020
HBH Woody is back from retirement !!

He has had almost a year off and has now decided that he is quite happy working along the outside of the arena and also hacking up the village road; what a fabulous horse :-)

With extra time on my hands and missing my weekly lessons, I thought I would see what he thought if his saddle reappeared and he decided he was very happy about it.

HBH Daisy on the other hand has decided that work is definitely just not her thing really and does lots of trotting around when she sees the saddle just in case it is hers;  either way this is a win win as she gets some exercise of her own choice.

Looking forward to seeing what summer brings.