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March 2024: is winter over yet and is it still muddy??

- 07 March 2024

oo its been a long winter it seems!  HBH Hq has never been so muddy (!)

However...... we are now looking forward to longer days, warmer days and more riding on those days , yay !

General health seems to have reached a plateau so Im not on the road much these days but still ticking over and available for local visits (just with lots of rest before and after).

Advice available still by phone and Whatsapp 

Heres hoping we all have a lovely summer ahead.

New Month New Blog Post

- 01 September 2023

Summer has officially been and gone.  

Its been an unusual one again here at HBH HQ but we are all still doing ok and that's all that matters.

In the process of working with a new web team to try to make the website work harder than me so will be updating categories and content etc and seeing how we get on.

HBH has always been run on good quality customer service and I will hang on to this and hope we can continue to improve.

Happy September riding everyone.