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Neue Schule

The Neue Schule Collection is an innovative range of high performance superior comfort bits that are ergonomically designed and produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and techniques. The Neue Schule Collection offers a range of mouthpieces in a variety of thicknesses in ¼” increments that are suitable for every discipline at all levels. Neue Schule has developed a unique material, Salox Gold. This specialised material is used for all of the mouthpieces of the Neue Schule bits; it is a warmer metal that heats up within seconds of being placed into the horse’s mouth. The benefit of this is that the comfort and acceptance of the bit is accelerated. The horse is therefore able to quickly start to focus on the action of the bit rather than the presence of it.

Company Founder, Heather Hyde, started one of the first horse bit bank companies in the UK in the late 1990s after seeing first hand how difficult it was to find bitting solutions to problems riders were having. Involving the adaptation or overhaul of traditional designs, Heather fine-tuned her design strategy, guided by the thoughts and needs of riders and their horses as they entered the 21st century and developed the Neue Schule Collection.

Neue Schule

Clearance: Neue Schule Pacifier Weymouth (45 Degrees Backwards)


Clearance: Neue Schule Slimma Fixed Cheek Weymouth - 7cm


Clearance: Neue Schule Slimma Fixed Cheek Weymouth - 9cm


Clearance: Neue Schule Slimma Show Pelham


Clearance: Neue Schule Starter Loose Ring - 16mm - 70mm


Clearance: Neue Schule Tranz Eggbutt Bridoon - 14mm


Clearance: Neue Schule Tranz Full Cheek - 16mm


Clearance: Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Universal


Clearance: Neue Schule Turtle Tilt Weymouth - 7cm