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Advice Line Availability: September 2022

September Advice Line Availability

Due to my ongoing injury issues the advice line availability changes on a daily basis at the moment.

This is the plan for now:

Monday Appointment only

Tuesday 10.30am-2pm

Wednesday: Day off :-)

Thursday Appointment only

Friday 10.30am-1pm

If this changes, the voicemail will be amended accordingly. Thank you all for your understanding whilst my insides continue to rearrange themselves into their new positions within my abdomen.


BD National Championships: Somerford

For the first time in many years, apart from Covid, I am not going to the Nationals :-( 

This is due to my ongoing injury issues;  I tried Bramham and four days on the tradestand is just too much for me still at the moment unfortunatley.

I am at the end of the phone for orders and obviously the website is working hard (!) for anyone that wants to order .

Hoping to be back next year (fingers crossed)