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Hello & Welcome to Horse Bit Hire

Horse Bit Hire's website is packed full of specialist quality bitting advice to help you choose the correct bit for your horse. Not sure if your snaffle is the most comfortable for your horse? Having trouble with a double? Need more brakes out hacking? Does your horse try to get his tongue over the bit? Bitting Specialist Gail will try to help!
Have a read of the info below, check out the products in each section (each one has its own bitting advice) and get in touch - we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will do our best to help you choose the best bit for your horse.


I'm Gail Johnson and I am the Bitting Specialist at HBH. I run the company along with the added help of the HBH horses and dogs. HBH brings together the best bits across all of the wide ranges available to give the best possible choice for you and your horse. We have selected bits ranging from the lower priced stainless steel options through to the more expensive (but worth every penny) specialist metals and designs.

I'm available for bitting advice by telephone (07789 587 302) and email ( so please contact me with any queries that you have or any bitting issues that you are currently trying to resolve.

The hire service (the Horse Bit Hire Bit Bank) gives you the option to try the bit and see how you get on, safe in the knowledge that if it isn't quite right, you can send it back and you haven't had to add yet another bit to your collection of unsuitable bits. However, most customers do find that with some bitting advice, we normally get it right first time.

Working alongside Heather Hyde firstly as part of the original bit bank and then helping to build Neue Schule for over 6 years, I have broadened my bitting knowledge extensively. I'm also the proud winner of the Neue Schule Bitting Advisor of the Year two years in a row :-) As I sell brands other than Neue Schule, I am an Accredited Retailer for Myler (apparently there are only 25 Myler approved bitting specialists in the country of which I am one!) and received further training with Dale Myler to rebuild on this knowledge.

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT? Order online or by phone

You can order whichever way is easiest for you. Ordering is completely secure and payments are made via Paypal with a card or Paypal or you can do a bank transfer.

The Advice Line is flexible (!) and details of availbility are on the voice message.


All bits featured on the site are available for hire (30 day trial) as well as sale. You can choose at point of order whether you wish to buy or hire the bit. If you are not sure which bit to try, please contact Gail for advice; phone, email or the Contact Us form. You then get the bit on a 30 day trial from our HBH bit bank and if suitable, you keep it; if not, return it for a refund less our £19.50 hire charge. If you are unsure of sizing, please choose the hire option then this means that if it doesn't fit, we can still exchange it for you even though fitted for the hire fee. For further information, please see the store policies.

Occasionally, we have used bits in stock from the Horse Bit Hire Bit Bank that are offered for sale at a reduced price (see the Clearance section) - please contact me if you are looking for something in particular and I will see if we have it in the Bit Bank stores.


I am in Nunthorpe in the north east and I can travel to meet you and your horse to provide an on site consultation (see the Bitting Consultation section for further info). Costings vary based on travelling distance and it is often good to arrange with a few friends, riding club etc especially if you are quite a distance from me. Here is a link to the consultation page giving more information: Bitting Consultation

OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: horsebithiretv

Meet the four HBH horses on this channel where I have a small selection of bit fitting videos. If you want me to create a video of any particular aspect of bitting, let me know and Im confident that one of the HBH horses will step up and take a starring role.


Following the loss of our main man HBH Sixty Johnson who made it to 28 and a half having know him from the day he was born, there is a big horse shaped hole in my heart :-( He will always be with me in my thoughts and heart and i miss him a lot especially when it comes to decision making as he was fab at that !! I have four other horses: HBH Woody my ex-racer who is now finally retired (turns 30 Sept 23), Daisy my Hanoverian superstar, Precious my gorgeous black and white allrounder (she is not aware she is an allrounder yet, I am working on persuading her....) and Star my 21 year old ex-racing mare. They all have different mouth conformations (Star is the only one who is apparently perfect although in many other ways she is absolutely not!) and use different bits depending on the work they are doing. Star is retired due to many "special needs" but is a valued member of the herd in her own very unique way. Daisy seems to have put her terrrible laminitis behind her (fingers crossed constantly), Woody was a big fan of three bits depending on what he was doing and what time of year although his bridle his now hung up as he enjoys his well earned retirement and Precious is my main riding horse now, and the lucky owner of an Equitex pad (omg those pads are amazing).


Most of our news is generally how injured the horses are it seems at the moment! Onwards and upwards to seeing how we progress going forwards.

Thank you for visiting Horse Bit Hire, if you have any comments, get in touch.