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Working from Home

Gail Johnson- 02 April 2020
In line with the government advice, HBH is currently closed for yard visits.  The advice line is open, Whatsapp is open and the website is still working.

I am working from home looking after the animals and Lady Cath with the emphasis on us all staying alive and getting through this. We will get back to hopefully a new normal eventually.

Corona Virus & Yard Visits

Gail Johnson- 17 March 2020
Obviously this situation changes by the hour but at the moment, the current situation is:

Yard visits are going ahead where people are showing no symptons, have not mixed with anyone showing symptons, and have not mixed with anyone that could have got this from whatever and wherever (abroad etc).  This is very important as, as many of my existing customers know, I am my Mam's main carer & she is classed as a "vulnerable" person at this time.  Exceptional hygiene has always been an integral part of my job anyway so there are no real changes here.

If a visit is booked and has to be cancelled / postponed / rearranged that is fine; even at short notice; I would rather be safe than risk Lady Cath obviously.

Thankfully the advice line can stay open as can emails, Whatsapp etc.

Stay safe and healthy everyone & roll on when we are all back to normal