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    Advantages of the Innovative Equestrian Pee Wee Horse Bit

    Information below courtesy of the manufacturer, Innovative Equestrian

     The only horse bit in the world that does not contact the sensitive sides of the horse's mouth.

    •  Exceptional floating mouthpiece that allows the horse to completely relax
    • Painless communication with greater control
    • The Pee Wee eliminates head tossing and laying on the bit
    • Encourages flexion and prevents the horse getting its tongue over the bit
    • A one-of-a-kind technology, creating harmony between horse and rider so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

      Further information:

    The mouth bar

    Surveys have shown that 80% of horses have low palates and large fleshy tongues. This means that the majority of bits on the market are too thick in the mouth bar and so don't leave enough room in the mouth for the tongue. As a result the tongue lifts the mouth bar up until it contacts the roof of the mouth (mouth palate)and usually results in severe bruising to the palate which generally goes unnoticed by the horse owner . This is a major irritation which causes the horse to toss its head up and forwards to try and shake the bit to the front of the mouth to create some room and stop the contact to the palate. A horse will also continually open its mouth to avoid this discomfort but unfortunately a lot of riders then resort to using a drop nose band to keep the horses mouth shut totally unaware of the discomfort they are inflicting on their horse or why the horse is opening its mouth. We have eliminated this problem by introducing a thinner mouth bar which leaves plenty of room for the tongue and eliminates contact to the roof of the mouth as well as being lightweight and beautifully shaped to fit over the tongue. Also being a fixed mullen mouth bar there is no "nutcracker" effect which is very disconcerting to horses and results in severe bruising as mentioned previously.

    Position of the mouth bar over the tongue

    The mouth bar of the Pee Wee bit sits further forward over the tongue and bars than conventional bits. This position of contact on the tongue along with even pressure down onto the bars, encourages the horse to flex down at the pole, which means the horse is down over the bit in a better position to work rather than getting behind the bit and getting it's head in the air and wanting to take off. This better head and neck carriage position acts like a natural brake that makes it far easier to pull up a horse.The mouth bar also provides tongue relief and stays permanently quiet in the mouth until a command is given. This unique benefit is achieved due to the floating mouth bar. The mouth bar actually floats up and down and backwards on the large rings so at no time is there pressure on the tongue.Horses move their tongue readily when they swallow and while drinking water and with traditional bits a mouth bar is an obstruction but the mouth bar of the Pee Wee does not interfere with tongue movement, which provides comfort at all times for the horse.

    Position of large rings and side bars

    A large percentage of biting issues are the result of the large rings or bars of the bit contacting the sensitive side of the face. This results in the lips being forced against the teeth, which causes pain to the horse. Proof of this is when the horse starts tossing their head to the side to try and get away from the bit to relieve the discomfort, or if the pain becomes extreme, they will actually start laying on the bit to fight the pain, which results in the all too familiar problems of the bit sliding through the mouth and the rider losing contact and the neck becoming stiff with only bend from the poll rather than the wither as well. The Pee Wee bit eliminates these problems due to the fact the large rings of the Pee Wee do not contact the sensitive sides of the face. The rings actually fold back over the outside of the small side bars which are positioned under the lower jaw which keeps them off the face, eliminating pinching and hence head tossing.The side bars are strategically placed just outside of the lower jaw and only contact the jaw when rein contact is given. Due to the specific placement of these side bars, it is too uncomfortable for a horse to lay against the side bars, so you no longer lose contact. It also makes it very easy to turn a horse.

    Sizing is different to some bits due to the side bars but as a general guide, Mini is perfect for tiny mouths, Shetlands etc at approx 4"; Small is approx 4 1/2", Medium 5" and Large 5 1/2".  Please note the sizing difference needed between this fixed cheek bit and a loose ring.   If you are unsure of sizing please contact Gail either on the Advice Line 07789 587 302 or email

    Mouthpiece Thickness: 8mm
    Ring Size / Shank Length:
    Buying Option
    Mouthpiece Size


    The hire period is 30 days from the date you receive the bit and if you have any queries or questions during this time, please contact me.
    The full price is paid at the time of purchase and if the bit is returned, a refund less the hire charge (£14.50 per bit * NS Turtle Tilt is £35.00 hire charge) and postage is processed.

    Please take care of the bit and keep it in good condition during the hire period. Damaged or broken bits cannot be returned.
    Don't worry about teeth marks - this sometimes happens with warmer sweeter metals - or oxidation - this happens with sweet iron and has a rusty appearance.
    Both are perfectly normal and will not affect me accepting the bit back.
    It is your responsibility to ensure that the bit is kept safe from damage, theft and loss during the trial period.

    All bits must be returned in clean condition and we ask that you wash the bit gently but thoroughly in warm water to remove any grass, food etc.
    All bits returned to Horse Bit Hire will be disinfected thoroughly.
     Horse Bit Hire cannot be held responsible for any diseases, infections, viruses or mouth or medical conditions that appear after hiring a bit from us.

    The bit must be back with Horse Bit Hire before the Hire End Date to avoid further charges being incurred.