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Myler Low Port Mullen Barrel Hanging Cheek
  • Myler Low Port Mullen Barrel Hanging Cheek

    Dressage legal

    Non collapsing version of the 04 mouthpiece with a 3/4" port and independent side movement.

    With no wrapping action, the bit gives more feel directly onto the lips and bars and the signal is a little quicker.

    Suited to horses who react better to a solid action, non collapsing bit

    Hanging cheek is ideal for those that are too sensitive for the movement of the loose ring as it offers more stability.  Relieves poll pressure to help maintain a rounder outline.

    Mouthpiece Thickness: 10mm
    Ring Size / Shank Length:
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    The hire period is 30 days from the date you receive the bit and if you have any queries or questions during this time, please contact me.
    The full price is paid at the time of purchase and if the bit is returned, a refund less the hire charge (£14.50 per bit * NS Turtle Tilt is £35.00 hire charge) and postage is processed.

    Please take care of the bit and keep it in good condition during the hire period. Damaged or broken bits cannot be returned.
    Don't worry about teeth marks - this sometimes happens with warmer sweeter metals - or oxidation - this happens with sweet iron and has a rusty appearance.
    Both are perfectly normal and will not affect me accepting the bit back.
    It is your responsibility to ensure that the bit is kept safe from damage, theft and loss during the trial period.

    All bits must be returned in clean condition and we ask that you wash the bit gently but thoroughly in warm water to remove any grass, food etc.
    All bits returned to Horse Bit Hire will be disinfected thoroughly.
     Horse Bit Hire cannot be held responsible for any diseases, infections, viruses or mouth or medical conditions that appear after hiring a bit from us.

    The bit must be back with Horse Bit Hire before the Hire End Date to avoid further charges being incurred.