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Lighter nights & more horsy time !!

Gail Johnson- 25 April 2022

It is that wonderful time of the year when it feels like I am coming out of the extra hard work of winter with the horses and into a much more fun time of longer, warmer days and more time in the saddle.  Feels like everything is coming back to life !  Very appropriate for me this year due to my accident last September; on the right track although it is taking a long time and is an ongoing battle both physically and emotionally.  I have done an amazing job (if I say so myself :-) ) of getting the three horses that are available for work back into  work with some invaluable help for which i am forever grateful.  The horses are all at varying stages but looking forward to an exciting summer ahead and lets see if I can make it through a whole summer and next winter with them all still in work and me still in the saddle.....fingers crossed...