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Bitting Clinic - What I can help with .....

Gail Johnson - Friday, June 29, 2018
Here is a link to the consultation page giving more info : Bitting Consultation
What I can't help with is 1) eradicate long term habits in an hour, 2) make you ride like a top rider, 3) fix an issue that isn't bit related - although appropriate guidance will be offered, 4) heal a mouth that is damaged in an hour, 5) heal horse/pony (and rider!) psychological issues in an hour.....

Sometimes to help we have to go sidewards a little before we go forwards (not literally, but then again, sometimes possibly so);  If a back issue and an ill fitting bit has caused a bitting issue, and you get the back sorted, sometimes the back needs rechecking after I have sorted the bit ....What I am saying is that its the whole picture that needs taking into account.  I can fit a bit that is suitable for both horse and rider in the situation they have described needing it for....if the horse has shocking teeth these will need sorting before you can possibly see the benefits...other examples are available :-)
Happy riding people !!

Sleep tight beautiful

Gail Johnson - Monday, June 18, 2018
One of my friends lost one of her horses yesterday in a tragic freak field accident.  One minute they are there, all legs bouncing around (he was a bouncy energetic 5 year old) and within an hour we had to let him go.  Time is so precious with our animals and he will leave a big hole in our hearts.  Over the rainbow bridge far sooner than we ever imagined :-(