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Tactio's Now in Stock

Gail Johnson - Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tactio's now in stock :-)  An addition to the NS Turtle Family is the new Tactio which has been specifically engineered to accommodate the larger or sensitive tongue.  Neue Schule literature reports "The very unique design of the Turtle Tactio delivers through to riders a never before available approach that achieves supreme comfort for the horse and encourages acceptance of the bit and rider instruction".

"The mouthpiece design focuses rein pressure to the central part of the tongue whilst diverting pressure away from the sensitive regions near the bars.  The  unique central Turtle link brings the ends of the cannons to their closest separation possible and also is gently curved to protect the highly sensitive palatine arch".

Available on a loose ring, beval and Univeral cheek - to order, please do so direct from the website or call Gail on 07789 587 302

New to HBH; Bomber Bits

Gail Johnson - Thursday, January 14, 2016

After a lot of careful consideration I have decided to stock some of the Bomber Bit Range.  These bits are all hand made in South Africa by Peter "Bomber" Nel. 

They are now available to buy and have their own section if you click on the "Brand" section of the "Shop".