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Bye 2017 - what have you got 2018?

Gail Johnson - Monday, January 01, 2018
Well we started 2017 with a check ligament injury on HBH Woody (thankfully fully recovered and able to be back in work....if only his rider  had time (!)), we went on to have a Tibial Plateau fracture (me - oops), now fully recovered, and we have ended the year with HBH Daisy coming down with winter / stress Laminitis (not good !). Fingers crossed we are turning a corner with her recovery but it has been a very stressful worrying few weeks of watching her struggle whilst we are trying to help her which has been heartbreaking.

I do so hate to focus on negative things so we are trying to stay as positive as possible but I really hope that 2018 is kind to us here at HBH HQ, we need a break - and not of the bone variety please. :-)

Happy 2018 everyone, here is to happy and healthy horses and owners.

Back on the horse, but does that mean I am a rider?

Gail Johnson - Thursday, August 31, 2017
So the leg has been tested a couple of times on HBH Woody to see how effective it is going to be!

It is slightly wonkier than my other already wonky leg but maybe that could somehow be a benefit (fingers crossed).  Early conclusions are that due to the stiffness in the knee it is very stable and still in walk (ie I can't move it!), but I am taking this as a good thing.  The few strides of trot I have tried demonstrated how unstable and weak the knee is as yet as it moved around at great speed - I have now named it my comedy leg. 

I will carry on with the physio exercises, keep taking the painkillers and keep trying.  HBH Woody is such a good boy he just looks at me along the lines of "haven't you realised yet its time to give up and let me retire?" but lets me get back on and keep trying anyway.  I'll be fully back in action soon Woody, you'll see !