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Bit Fitting and Communication Points

Gail Johnson - Friday, February 27, 2015

When I go out and fit a bit, many aspects are taken into account including full bitting and dental history, horse and riders ages, experience and levels of training, any particular issues that they are working on at the present time and then I carry out a mouth assessment.  On this, I am looking in particular at the communication points the bit and bridle can use:  Poll, upper palate, nose, upper & lower bars, corners of the lips, chin groove and of course the tongue.  Although these are the points that can be used, obviously not every bit and bridle combination uses these points and some bits use a combination of them. 

Often people think of a stronger mouthpiece if having control issues but I often find that by bringing some of the other pressure points into use, we can avoid the use of an overly strong mouthpiece and spread the rein signal through other areas.  Examples of this type of bitting would be the Neue Schule Universal (choice of mouthpieces;  Tranz , Verbindend, Turtle Top or Waterford) with its leather curb strap and also the Myler Combination. 

As with any piece of tack, a new bit should be introduced in a methodical manner in a safe environment after seeking advice from a bitting specialist as to the most suitable bit.  For advice specific to your horse/pony, please contact Gail: or 07789 587 302.

Gail is the Neue Schule Bitting Advisor of the Year Joint Winner Again!!!

Gail Johnson - Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thank you to all of our customers who voted for me!  I am so pleased to report that I was presented with this award yesterday at the BETA trade fair.  I was presented by Deborah Meadon on the Neue Schule stand and then again on the main stage by Heather Hyde, founder of Neue Schule. 

To win it two years running is amazing and I'm just so grateful to each and every one of our customers who took the time to vote for me.  I really love my job and all the difference that I am able to make by helping get their horses comfortable. 

Here's looking forward to another successful year of specialist bitting advising and making more horses, ponies and their owners happier in their riding time together