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January So Far .....

Gail Johnson - Friday, January 11, 2019
Happy New Year Everyone !

2019 has got off to a busy start so far with some local appointment from extra brakes required at this time of year (HBH Woody can relate to this!) so a nice mild kind mouthpiece for a 19 year old pony and his young rider - gorgeous partnership, a 4 year old long legged TB right through to helping a local high profile competitor sort out all of the doubles for the yard for the upcoming season; I love my job.

At the yard HBH Sixty Johnson has been through it with a big infection followed by a very scary colic situation.  It was all very scary and stressful but old toughie that he is managed to fight off his 40 degree temperate and racing heart rate and pull through.  Phew ;  not ready to be without him just yet... if ever

Exciting times ahead with the new qualification getting awarded at BETA and then even a tradestand at Badminton this year !  Onwards and upwards :-)