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HBH Woody needs the physio !

Gail Johnson - Monday, March 11, 2019
Never a dull moment her between work, the horses, Paddy pooch and Lady Cath.  HBH Woody recently had a few little stumbles when ridden.  This was noted and then obviously I decided investigation was needed.

Before my physio appointment Woody decided he wasn't broken enough so he was seen flying around the slippy muddy field at great speed and skidding to a halt a few inches from the least he didn't repeat Daisy's acrobatics of a few years ago and go over the gate taking out the gate post and part of the neighbouring fence.

Lovely local physio Catherine came out to see Woody and he was assessed and found that he had a few pelvis issues, tight hamstrings, tight neck muscles and stepping short in front on one side.  Pleased to report that she treated him and, even though his eyes were so wide at one point I could see all the white around them, he seemed to really enjoy his physio session.  He is now much more realigned and no permanent damage has been caused. Need to get back on board and start building up the core muscles in us both (!)