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Bye 2017 - what have you got 2018?

Gail Johnson - Monday, January 01, 2018
Well we started 2017 with a check ligament injury on HBH Woody (thankfully fully recovered and able to be back in work....if only his rider  had time (!)), we went on to have a Tibial Plateau fracture (me - oops), now fully recovered, and we have ended the year with HBH Daisy coming down with winter / stress Laminitis (not good !). Fingers crossed we are turning a corner with her recovery but it has been a very stressful worrying few weeks of watching her struggle whilst we are trying to help her which has been heartbreaking.

I do so hate to focus on negative things so we are trying to stay as positive as possible but I really hope that 2018 is kind to us here at HBH HQ, we need a break - and not of the bone variety please. :-)

Happy 2018 everyone, here is to happy and healthy horses and owners.